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    Come and join us here at Make Mondays Marvellous. Whether you are a trainer or coach, we believe in supporting and developing you. Because you are the one who helps others, make their Mondays marvellous. It's time you were supported too!


    We at Make Mondays Marvellous believe that trainers and coaches, (that's you) are the key to success and happy Mondays. From onboarding that welcomes and delivers the most effective learning for your new starter, development training or corporate, business or life coaching. Helping someone find a new career, start a business, or find themselves isn't an easy thing (well done!).


    We're here to get the best out of your training and coaching, so you can make the difference that you really want to.


    We believe training and coaching should be fun and make a difference (most of the time)!


    Who are we?

    Make Mondays Marvellous is run by experienced consultant and previous Global Head of Learning and Development, Melanie Charles. She has over 17 years training and coaching experience.


    Melanie is passionate about ensuring training is fun and effective. She runs a successful coaching and training business, but after working as a consultant she realised that trainers were missing the basics and lacked sense of fun. Death by PowerPoint sound familiar?


    And when she started her business as a coach, there wasn't one place that she could share her coaching challenges with peers and friends.


    Make Mondays Marvellous formed out of a desire to provide development for trainers and coaches.


    Melanie works with the best in the business, those trainers and coaches that have inspired her throughout her career. You will meet them along the way, either in sessions or forums.


    Let's lift each other up, because there is enough for everyone.





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