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    2018年10月24日 · Leadership,Wellbeing,stress style,management
    Do you know what type of manager you are when you are stressed and what impact you are having on your team? As leaders, managers and business owners we are responsible for the welfare of our team, driving performance, motivation and results. It can often feel like too much. The last task...
    2018年10月21日 · customer service,Leadership,employees,values,brand
    When we think exceptional customer service, we immediately think of the customer. After all they are the one with the buying power. The one to make or break your business. Without customers you wouldn't have a business. All of that is true. But your employee is the one serving your customer,...
    2018年7月10日 · personal development,aggressive,assertive
    Last night as I sat in bed talking on the phone, I heard a loud, tap tap against my window. My heart jumped a little and I reminded myself I lived on the first floor. Tap, tap, tap. Louder this time. More insistent. I pulled back the blind to find the end of a broomstick was the culprit and my...
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