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Customers or employees

Which one are your priority?

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When we think exceptional customer service, we immediately think of the customer. After all they are the one with the buying power. The one to make or break your business. Without customers you wouldn't have a business.

All of that is true. But your employee is the one serving your customer, whether it is B2B or B2C. They represent your brand. They deliver the wonderful customer journey you have created to provide consistent service. But what about when they don't?

Recently, I was in a popular, large retail fashion store waiting for a friend as she tried on her clothes. There were three employees haphazardly and distractedly ushering people into free changing rooms and taking their unwanted clothes. The representation of the brand in their behaviour definitely wouldn't make it on my five star list of brands. But, it was when they started to talk about their manager in front of more than a handful of waiting customers that I realised that this brand wasn't looking after its employees. Yes look after your customers, but your employees can destroy your brand in a second! These employees spoke about their manager in unsavoury terms and how they couldn't wait to get another job. If I had been trying anything on, I would have immediately put back what I was intending to purchase. Not surprisingly, I haven't interacted with that brand since.

Your employees are your brand. They are the ones who live and breath your brand. They deliver the customer journey that you so lovingly crafted, but if you aren't prioritising your employees they won't create that exceptional customer service. Heck, they may not even create good customer service and sadly you may not even see it. Customers rarely complain. Instead they complain with their feet, by never shopping in your store or business again.

Start by hiring the right people. Those who believe in your values. You can't train that. Hire great managers who can support and believe in their team. Create a culture, a workplace that your employees love to work. Your employees will then strive to deliver great service. It will be seamless and not a script, because they resonate with your values and feel appreciated. Show them how to go the extra mile with clients and they will. They will want to strive to help you create a business that thrives.


Put both first. Because with out one, you don't have the other.


We at Make Mondays Marvellous are passionate about what we do. We support and empower Women in Business and Leadership. We are passionate about wellbeing and customer experience and can consult to help you create your customer experience journey.

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