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What type of manager are you when stressed?

Do you know?

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Do you know what type of manager you are when you are stressed and what impact you are having on your team?

As leaders, managers and business owners we are responsible for the welfare of our team, driving performance, motivation and results. It can often feel like too much. The last task someone asks you to do and it topples you from that clear headed, calm productive manager to someone you don't recognise.

Knowing how you respond when stressed can help you recognise when you've hit that place. We all know when we are in that place, we can't take anymore. But do you know how that change is impacting your team?

Maybe you recognise some of these behaviours:

  • You become more sensitive than usual and think that others are talking about you
  • You become more challenging and outwardly annoyed and frustrated
  • You're short with people because you just DON'T have time
  • You don't have time, so you interrupt people more to get to the point
  • You stop delegating because you're just trying to hold all the pieces in the air and hope they won't fall
  • You freeze because you just don't know what to do next
  • You avoid situations that bring you into contact with anyone you have problems with

Knowing how you respond when stressed and how that comes across is just as important as knowing who you are when you aren't stressed. When we are in that place, we aren't listening and we certainly aren't managing well. But being aware of it, means you can change it.

Learn what your stress type is. So you can learn how to change how you respond and behave. But more importantly, remember you mental wellbeing matters just as much as your teams. Find ways to manage your stress, so you can also spot the signs for your team.

Interested in learning more about your stress type? Take this simple test:

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